Wireless Access Point (WAP) equipment is powered by either Power over Ethernet (PoE) PD and DC-DC controllers or line driven AC/DC power supplies. Additional power management may be required to meet system operating needs and to protect from adverse power supply conditions. Kinetic Technologies offers industry-leading PoE power supply solutions, step-up and step-down DC-DC converters, RGB LED drivers, load switches, overvoltage switches with surge protection and ESD/EMI protection and suppression ICs to aid in system design.

Buck and Boost Converters

AC/DC line supplied converters and PoE PD and DC-DC controllers used in WAP applications do not always provide every voltage rail required by the system. Step-down and Step-up converters regulate the available voltage rails at the point of load to match system requirements.

  • For light-load current requirements, linear regulators can provide a compact, low-cost, step-down converter solution
  • For higher power applications, DC/DC switching regulators can be a better choice providing both step-up and step-down voltages at high efficiency.
Part Number Description
KTB8330 3A, 2.4MHz, Low-Voltage, I2C Programmable Buck Regulator
KTB8371 4.7V to 17V Input, 5A Synchronous Buck Regulator with I2C Interface
KTB8372 4.7V to 18V Input, 5A Synchronous Buck Regulators with AOT Control
KTB851 600mA Step-down Converter with Output Load Discharge
KTB851-1 600mA Step-down Converter
KTC2115 2.5MHz 1.5A High Efficiency Low IQ Synchronous Boost

EMI/ESD Suppression

WAP EMC compliance for Ethernet ports often presents a demanding design challenge, with PCB layout, component placement key to compliance. Kinetic Technologies’ EMI/ESD Suppression technology is unique in simplifying this task. The active ESD and EMI suppressor IC replaces large and costly passive components while improving the system robustness and reliability. Kinetic Technologies provides a 2 or 4-channel device in which each channel connects to one wire of the two twisted pair sets. ESD performance, EFT-B and surge immunity, and CM emissions equal or exceed passive techniques while occupying a much smaller footprint.

Kinetic Technologies’ EMI/ESD Suppression solution enables system designers to comply with:

  • CISPR22 and FCC Part 15, Class B requirements for Radiated and Conducted Emissions
  • IEC 61000-4-3/6 requirements for Radiated and Conducted Immunity, Level 3 or higher
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge) of ±25kV
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge) of ±12kV
  • Cable Discharge Event (CDE) of ±12kV
Part Number Description
KTA1550 Dual-channel Active choke for EMI suppression w/ Integrated ESD Protection
KTA1552 Quad Channel Active EMI & ESD Suppressor for Ethernet Applications

Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs

WAP equipment often requires internal PoE DC-DC output or line supplied AC/DC converter voltage rails to be switched on/off to reduce standby or shutdown power consumption or to enable/disable specific circuit function while the device is in operation.

  • Integrated load switches provide simplified microcontroller I/O controlled power load switching, eliminating the need for bias and level shift circuits associated with discrete MOSFET switches
  • Load switches also provide slew-rate limited turn-on and shutdown mode reverse-current blocking 
Part Number Description
KTS1601 SRC P-Ch Load Switch with Reverse Blocking
KTS1605 SRC P-Ch Load Switch with Reverse Blocking
KTS1605-1 SRC P-Ch Load Switch with Reverse Blocking and Output Discharge
KTS1640 Load Switch with OVP and Reverse Polarity Protection
KTS1641 Load Switch with OVP and Reverse Polarity Protection
KTS1662 Adjustable Overvoltage Protection Switch
KTS1663 Load Switch with fixed and adjustable OVP
KTS1677A Low RON Load Switch with Overvoltage and Reverse Blocking Protection

PoE PD Controllers

End products utilizing PoE typically requires high efficiency power conversion, in the smallest space with minimum component count. Kinetic Technologies offers a product solutions that integrate the PD physical interface with a DC/DC controller function in a single package, supporting single outputs with power levels from a few watts up to 30W.

The KTA1137A support single output isolated or non-isolated solutions for IEEE802.3af (Type 1) and IEEE802.3at (Type 1 and Type 2) PDs or higher power levels, either by using custom programmed PSEs or by implementing the LLDP to enable 4-pair power delivery on the Ethernet cable. The KTA1137A includes input and output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection

Part Number Description
KTA1137A 13W/30W 802.3af/at PoE PD and Integrated DC-DC Controller
KTA1140 IEEE 802.3bt-Compliant, Powered Device Interface Controller

RGB LED Drivers

WAP equipment uses multicolor RGB LEDs as function indicator lamps. Indicator lamps show power on/off or function status. Implementing indicator lamp LED control circuits to interface LED control switching to microcontroller logic is a tedious design process and requires multiple discrete components.

  • RGB LED drivers allow simplified programmable control of LED color and brightness

Product Highlights:

  • 3-channel RGB LED drivers permit custom color control
  • 4-channel RGBW devices allow for driving a white LED in addition to the RGB LED
  • I2C to ease integration with a wide variety of processors and operating systems
  • Wide range of ramp up/down timing for slow fade in/out effects and complex repeating patterns
  • Ultra-small package footprint
Part Number Description
KTD2026 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2027 4-Channel RGBW LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2061, KTD2058, KTD2059, KTD2060 36-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2064A, KTD2064B 24-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control

USB Data Line Protection ICs

Part Number Description
KTU1000 USB Hi-Speed Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1001 USB D+/D- Hi-Speed or SBU1/2 Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1001A USB D+/D- Hi-Speed or SBU1/2 Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1108 USB Type-C Protector for CC Pins
KTU1120 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1121A USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1121 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins