The KTC2115 features a high-efficiency, micropower synchronous boost for Lithium-Ion/Polymer battery applications. It offers true output disconnect to achieve a shutdown quiescent current of less than 1.0µA, extending battery life.

High efficiency over a wide output current range is achieved by selecting PWM/PFM mode automatically depending on the output load conditions.

A Pass Through mode allows to transfer the input power directly to output (not boosting) with over current protection.

The constant on-time design does not require any external compensation components, simplifying the design and providing ultra-fast transient response.

The inrush current-limiting feature minimizes the voltage droop on the battery supply when the device is turned on.

The KTC2115 is packaged in advanced, RoHS and Green compliant, 1.260mm x 1.290mm, 9-balls Wafer-Level ChipScale Package (WLCSP).


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Output Voltage 5.0V
  • IOUT up to 1.5 A at VOUT = 5.0 V, VIN ≥ 3 V
  • 2.5MHz PWM Switching Frequency
  • High Efficiency and Low Quiescent Current
    • Over 95% Efficiency
    • 1µA Shutdown Current
    • 33µA Quiescent Current in Pass Through
    • 56µA Quiescent Current in PFM Operation
  • ±2% DC Voltage Accuracy in PWM mode
  • Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Hiccup Current Limit
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Selectable Pass-Through Mode or True Load Disconnect During Shutdown
  • Output Capacitor Pre-Charge and Soft-Start
  • Pb-free 9-Bump, WLCSP 1.260mm x 1.290mm
  • RoHS and Green Compliant
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range


  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Mobile Internet Devices
  • Wearables
  • Portable Devices

Packaging Information

Package Dimensions Bumps Package Code
WLCSP33-9 1.260mm x 1.290mm x 0.620mm 9 CAB


Vin (min)  Vin (max)  Vout Iout IQ Control FSQ
2.5V 5.5V 5.0V 1.5A 56µA EN 2.5MH

Technical Documentation

Description Documents Type
Package Outline DrawingWLCSP33-9 CAB PODPDF


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