Wi-Fi enabled smart speakers intelligently interact with people using an integrated virtual assistant.  The speakers use visual cues as a standard way to make the human-machine interaction feel more natural and compelling.  These visual cues are implemented using colored LEDs.   As the number of applications for smart speakers grow, so does the level of sophistication required of the lighting patterns and animations.  RGB LED drivers have been evolving in response to these market trends, integrating features traditionally handled by system processors and software while shrinking the solution size to drive down PCB footprint and BOM cost.

Buck and Boost Converters

Part Number Description
KTB8330 3A, 2.4MHz, Low-Voltage, I2C Programmable Buck Regulator
KTC2110 3.0Mhz High Efficiency, Low IQ Synchronous Boost Converter

RGB LED Drivers

Part Number Description
KTD2061 36-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control