Kinetic Technologies offers general-purpose input/output (GPIO) technology that is low voltage and offers general purpose expanders designed for microcontrollers when additional I/O’s are needed, ensuring additional interconnections are kept to a minimum.

As an input, the expander programs the polarity, latch, pull-up, pull-down and interrupt functions. For a system with noisy input, our GPIO technology also provides a seamless debounce function with programmable debounce time. Working as an output, this technology can program output stage with bank/pin selectable push-pull or open-drain options, and can also program four drive strengths of the output stage to optimize rise/fall times.

GPIO technology is ideal for use in laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and wearables.


GPIO Products

Part Number Description
KTS1620 Low Voltage 24-Bit I2C-bus I/O Expander
KTS1622 Low Voltage 16-Bit I2C-bus I/O Expander
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