KTS1622 is a 16-bit general-purpose I/O expander via the I2C bus for microcontrollers when additional I/Os are needed while keeping interconnections to the minimum.

KTS1622 has separate power rails (VDD_ I2C and VDD_P) for I2C bus and I/O ports, both ranging from 1.65V to 5.5V, allowing mixed power system where I2C bus power is not compatible with I/O port power.

KTS1622 meets the I2C Fast-mode Plus spec up to 1MHz. External reset input, internal power-on reset and I2C software reset provide flexible ways to reset the IC. Four adjustable I2C slave addresses allow multiple KTS1622s in one I2C bus system.

KTS1622 provides multiple ways to program the 16-bit I/O ports. When the port works as input, it can program the polarity, latch, pull-up, pull-down and interrupt functions. The interrupt function includes the level/edge trigger, mask, clear, status features. For system with noisy input, KTS1622 also provides debounce function with programmable debounce time. When the port works as output, it can program output stage with bank/pin selectable push-pull or open-drain options, it can also program four drive strengths of the output stage to optimize the rise/fall times.

KTS1622 is available in RoHS and Green compliant 25-ball 2.0mm x 2.0mm FO-WLP package and 24-pin 4.0mm x 4.0mm TQFN package.


  • I2C to 16-bit I/O ports expander
  • 1MHz Fast-mode Plus I2C bus
  • Operating voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V for both I2C bus and I/O ports
  • Four adjustable I2C slave addresses via ADDR
  • I2C multiple-register group programming with global loop or local loop
  • Active low reset input (RESET)
  • Active low open-drain interrupt output (INT)
  • Internal power-on reset and I2C software reset
  • Noise filter on SCL/SDA inputs
  • Input/Output port configurable
  • Input with polarity/latch/pull-up/pull-down/ interrupt functions
  • Allowing port input voltage above supply
  • Interrupt with trigger/mask/clear/status features
  • Programmable input debounce enable/time
  • Output with bank/pin selectable push-pull or open-drain
  • Bit-wise programmable output drive strength
  • Low standby current of 4µA typical at 3.3V
  • Maximum 25mA driving capability for each port
  • RoHS and Green Compliant


  • Smartphone, Tablet and Wearables
  • Laptop and Desktop

Packaging Information

Package Dimensions Bumps Package Code
TQFN44-24 4.00mm x 4.00mm x 0.75mm 24 UAA


Vin (min)  Vin (max)  Max. Drive Current per Channels (mA) Number of I/O Interrupt Out Addresses
1.65V 5.5V 25mA 16 Yes Four

Technical Documentation

Description Documents Type
Package Outline DrawingTQFN44-24 UAA PODPDF

Evaluation Tools

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User ManualPDF
Quick Start GuidePDF
3D BoardPDF
Bill of MaterialXLSX


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