Kinetic Technologies’ R&D PlaygroundTM of Highly Integrated Drivers Providing the Smallest Footprints

Kinetic Technologies’ highly Integrated drivers have an on-chip timing control unit, where LED blink rate, fade-in and fade-out are user-adjustable, resulting in unique color lighting patterns. The ultra-innovative and feature-rich RGB LED drivers from Kinetic Technologies’ R&D Playground™ provide functional utility, wow factor, and perceived luxury to enhance your product’s market appeal, all with the industry’s smallest footprints, fewest PCB traces, and lowest firmware overhead.

RGB LED Drivers ICs are used to generate and control 3 different voltages and currents required to illuminate RGB LEDs used as visual indicators in portable appliances such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart WiFi Speakers and other portable appliances. 4-channel, 3-channel or 36-channel output options are available, suitable for RGBW or single and multiple RGB applications. Kinetic Technologies’ products are the smallest in the industry and are optimized for extremely low drop-out, functionality, minimal system power during processor standby-mode and can be programmed via either an ExpressWire™ or I2C interface. Recent Kinetic innovations are AutoBlinQ™, which can indicate a dead battery condition during charging without requiring information from the processor and BrightExtend™ that automatically reduces driver dropout.


RGB LED Driver IC Products

Part Number Evaluation Kit Number Description
KTD2026 KTD2026EWE-MMEV01 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2027 KTD2027EWE-MMEV01 4-Channel RGBW LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2037 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control, AutoBlinQ™
KTD2041 9-Channel IR LED Driver with Buck Regulator and I2C Interface
KTD2052A/B KTD2052AEVAA-MMEV01 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers with I2C Control
KTD2058, KTD2059, KTD2060, KTD2061 KTD2061EUAC-MMEV02 36-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2058Q, KTD2059Q, KTD2060Q, KTD2061Q 36-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2064A, KTD2064B 24-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTZ8807 3-Channel RGB LED Driver + 1-Channels Selfie Flash with I2C Control, AutoBlinQTM
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