KTD2061 Eval Kit – 36-Channel RGB LED Drivers with I2C Control

The KTD2061 Evaluation (EVAL) Kit is used to demonstrate and evaluate the KTD2061 functionality, performance, and PCB layout. Additionally, the EVAL Kit is a convenient tool for software development of RGB LED lighting patterns and animations. The kit includes a fully assembled and tested PCB with the KTD2061 IC installed, a white plastic light diffuser, a wiring harness, and a MicroPython pyboard v1.1 with pre-loaded demo software. Twelve RGB modules (36 LEDs total) are mounted on the back side of the PCB and shine into the diffuser that blends their light output and reduces human-eye fatigue. This EVAL Kit is also used to evaluate the KTD2058/59/60 36-channel RGB LED drivers, the KTD2064A/B 24-channel RGB LED drivers, and the KTD2063 12-channel RGB LED driver. Please contact your regional sales office for an automotive grade (-40°C to 125°C) version of this EVAL Kit.


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