KTD2052 Eval Kit – 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers with I2C Control

The KTD2052 Evaluation (EVAL) Kit is used to demonstrate and evaluate the KTD2052 functionality, performance, and PCB layout. Additionally, the EVAL Kit is a convenient tool for software development of RGB LED lighting patterns and animations. The kit includes a fully assembled and tested PCB with the KTD2052A IC installed, a wiring harness, and an Adafruit QT Py RP2040 µC board configured for CircuitPython with pre-loaded KTD2052A demo software. Four RGB modules (12 LEDs total) are mounted on the PCB and shine at moderate brightness setting to reduce human-eye fatigue.This EVAL Kit may also be used to evaluate the KTD2052B/C/D 12-channel RGB LED drivers with minor modifications to the demo software.


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