Low RON Load Switch with Overvoltage, Reverse Blocking Protection and Surge Protection

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The KTS1677A is a slew-rate controlled, 30mΩ (Typ), low resistance MOSFET switch intended to be inserted between a power source and a load to isolate and protect against abnormal voltage and current conditions. Featuring slew-rate turn on control, to prevent excessive large inrush current, the KTS1677A also features several additional protection functions, such as input ±90V surge, input overvoltage, input under-voltage protection, reverse current blocking, over-current limiting and overtemperature protection. Operating from a wide input voltage range of 3V to 30V can cover USB PD applications to offer essential protection and enhance system reliability. The KTS1677A in the OFF state can block voltages on the VIN/VOUT pin of up to 30V and prevent reverse currents. Two KTS1677A can be used in to support dual power inputs connecting to the same downstream device. The device is packaged in advanced, RoHS and Green compliant, 2.57mm x 1.57mm, Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package (WLCSP).


  • Wide Input voltage range: 3V to 23V
  • 30V Absolute Ratings at VIN and VOUT
  • Maximum 5A continuous current
  • Integrated FET with 30mΩ (Typ) RON
  • Wide Overvoltage threshold range
    • Fixed internal: 23V
    • Adjustable: 4V to 23V
  • Open-Drain power good indicator
  • Integrated protection
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
    • Overvoltage Lockout (OVLO)
    • VOUT to VIN Reverse Current Blocking
    • Over-current limiting
  • Surge and ESD Protection
    • IEC61000-4-5: ±90V for VIN
    • IEC61000-4-2: ±8KV Contact, ±15KV Air for VIN
    • HBM: ±2KV for all Pins
  • Safety approvals
    • UL 2367, file no. E515099-2021-03-30
    • IEC 62368-1, file no. DK-111033-A1-UL
  • Pb-free Package:
    • 15 Bump WLCSP 2.57mm x 1.57mm
    • RoHS and Green Compliant
  • -40°C to +85°C Temperature Range


  • Computers and Tablets
  • Mobile Internet Devices
  • Type-C Power Source Switch

Packaging Information

Package Dimensions Bumps Package Code
WLCSP53-15 2.57mm x 1.57mm 15 VH


Vin (min)  Vin (max)  ON Resistance (mΩ) Max Current (A) OVP Trip Point (V) OVP Turn Off Response Time (ns) IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge) IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge)
3V 23V 30 5 Fixed: 23V Adj: 4 – 23 100 ±15kV ±8kV

Technical Documentation

Description Documents Type
Package Outline DrawingWLCSP53-15 VH PODPDF

Evaluation Tools

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User ManualPDF
Quick Start GuidePDF
Bill of MaterialsXLSX


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