KTD2688 is the ideal power solution for high-power flash LEDs. It includes a highly integrated synchronous boost converter and two current sources, providing a very small total solution in portable application. It has both I2C interface and hardware STROBE/TORCH pins for maximum control flexibility. The two integrated current sources are independently controlled, their on/off conditions and current settings in Flash/Torch/IR modes can be programmed independently by the I2C interface. It also has three selectable input low voltage protection modes to prevent a system reset under low battery condition.

Various protection features are integrated into KTD2688, including cycle-by-cycle input current limit protection, output overvoltage protection, LED fault (open or short) protection, flash timeout protection and thermal shutdown protection.

KTD2688 is available in a RoHS and Green compliant 12-ball 1.30mm x 1.57mm WLCSP package with 0.4mm pitch.


  • High efficiency synchronous boost converter with 2MHz/4MHz switching frequency option
  • I2C interface programming and hardware STROBE/TORCH control
  • Two-channel independent current sources
    • LED1/LED2: Up to 1.5A
    • Flash/Torch/IR modes
    • Independent LED on/off and current settings
    • Programmable ramp shape and time control
    • Three input low voltage protection modes
    • Torch currents up to 187.5mA (KTD2688) or 375mA (KTD2688A)
    • Flash time-out protection up to 1.60s(KTD2688A)
    • LED cathode ground connection for improved thermal dissipation
  • LED open/short protection
  • I2C fault read back
  • RoHS and Green Compliant


  • Smartphones and Tablets Camera Flash
  • Digital Cameras

Packaging Information

Package Dimensions Bumps Package Code
WLCSP34-12 1.30mm x 1.57mm x 0.62mm 12 UR


Vin (min)  Vin (max)  Max. Current per Channel Channels Control Type
2.7V 5.5V 1500mA 2 I2C

Technical Documentation

Description Documents Type
Package Outline DrawingWLCSP34-12 UR PODPDF


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