4.7V to 18V Input, 5A Synchronous Buck Regulators with AOT Control

  • Wide VIN Range: 4.7V to 18V
  • Maximum Continuous Output Current: 5A
  • VOUT = 1.8V and 3.3V
  • Different fixed options are available for predefined output voltage by the factory.
  • Integrated High / Low-Side FETs (65mΩ / 35mΩ)
  • Advanced Adaptive On-Time Control
  • Fast Transient Response
  • Open Drain Power Good Indicator
  • ±0.5% Feedback Voltage Reference
  • Zero Shutdown Supply Current
  • 50μA Non-Switching Operating Quiescent Current
  • 80μA No Load Operating Quiescent Current
  • High Efficiency in Light Load and Heavy Load
  • Factory 300kHz, 500kHz, 800kHz, and 1MHz Switching Frequency options available by request
  • Internal Soft-Start
  • Factory Forced CCM (FCCM) or automatic CCM/PFM (Auto-Skip) Options
  • Active discharge Mode option
  • Ultrasonic Mode option to Eliminate Audio Noise
  • Built-in Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit, Short Circuit Protection, Input UVLO, Output Under-Voltage Protection, Output Over-Voltage Protection, and Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Small 20-bump WLCSP (1.7mm x 2.0mm) or 11-Pin QFN Flip-Chip (2.5 x 2.2mm) Package options


  • HDD, LPDDR3, LPDDR4 Memory Power
  • Tablets, Netbooks, Ultra-Books, Mobile Internet Devices, IoT, and Server.
  • DSC, Drones, Gaming Consoles, TV Set Box

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin (Min) Vin (Max) Switching Frequency Output Auto-Discharge VOUT Max IOUT Current (A) Package
4.7V 18V Factory 300kHz, 500kHz, 800kHz, and 1MHz options Yes Fixed 1.0V,1.8V,3.3V(Factory trim options) 5.0 WLCSP45-20 1.7mm x 2.0mm
QFN-FC 2.2×2.5 -11

Typical Application Diagram