The KTD2052 is a fully programmable current regulator for up to four RGB LEDs (12 LEDs total). The device is ideally powered from a supply rail in the 3V to 5V nominal range. A 4-wire bus is multiplexed to reduce the pin-count and PCB traces to the LEDs. Each pin on the bus integrates a switch to the input voltage and a programmable low-dropout current sink regulator.

There are four versions: the KTD2052A/C are defaulted disabled at initial power-up, while the KTD2052B/D execute an AutoBreatheTM pattern by default at initial power-up or when reset. The KTD2052A/B use 0x74 7-bit I2C slave address, while the KTD2052C/D use 0x75. See the Ordering Information section.

The I2C control interface is used to set the on/off status and individual LED currents, as well as adjust the fade rate. An internal flexible pattern generator with watchdog counter enables set-and-forget pattern executions, while more complex patterns may be executed from system firmware via the I2C interface.

BrightExtendTM optionally reduces dropout when the input voltage is too low for the forward voltage of the LEDs. Programmable CoolExtendTM prevents excessive heat when the input voltage, current settings, and ambient temperature are high.

The KTD2052 is packaged in RoHS and Green compliant 2mm x 2mm UDFN package.


  • Drives up to 12 LEDs (4 RGBs)
  • Multiplexed LED Current Driver Outputs
    • Only 4 PCB Traces to the LEDs
    • 20.8kHz MUX Frequency Prevents Audio Noise
  • 14 Million Colors
    • LED Current: 125µA to 24mA in 125µA Steps
    • Night-Mode: 8µA to 1.5mA in 8µA Steps
    • 5% Max. Current Accuracy & Matching
  • 12 Independent Exponential Fade-Engines
    • Ultra-Smooth 3072-Step Fade Resolution
    • 3-bit Programmable Fade Rate
  • Flexible Pattern Generator with Watchdog
  • Optional AutoBreathe™ Mode (KTD2052B/D)
  • Patented BrightExtend™ Technology
    • Maintains Color-Accuracy and PSRR for Battery-Powered Applications with Low Vin
  • Proprietary CoolExtend™ Technology
    • 2-bit Programmable Maximum Die-Temp
  • 0.4µA Automatic Shutdown (Standby) Current
  • 1MHz I2C Serial Interface
  • 2.5V to 5.5V Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 8 pin UDFN 2x2mm (0.5mm pitch)


  • AI Smart Speakers, Bluetooth / WiFi Loudspeakers
  • Automotive Indicator and Ambiance Lighting
  • IoT, Gaming, Toys, Indicator / Button Lighting

Packaging Information

Package Dimensions Bumps Package Code
UDFN22-8 2.00mm x 2.00mm x 0.53mm 8 VAA


Vin (min)  Vin (max)  Number of LEDs/Channel LED Channels Brightness Control Max. Current per Channel (mA) V(OUT) (V) Accuracy (%) No Load ICC – Enabled (mA) No Load ICC – Shutdown (µA) Dropout (mV)
2.7V 5.5V 1 12 I2C 24 2.5-5.5 ±5 1.0 Typ. 0.4 Typ. 210

Technical Documentation

Description Documents Type
Package Outline DrawingUDFN22-8 VAA PODPDF

Evaluation Tools

Documents Type
User ManualPDF
Quick Start GuidePDF
3D BoardPDF
Bill of MaterialXLSX


Part Number AutoBreatheTM 7-bit I2C Slave Address Marking Operating Temperature Package
KTD2052AEVAA-TR No 0x74 PJYYZ -40°C to +85°C UDFN22-8
KTD2052BEVAA-TR Yes 0x74 PPYYZ -40°C to +85°C UDFN22-8
KTD2052CEVAA-TR No 0x75 QIYYZ -40°C to +85°C UDFN22-8
KTD2052DEVAA-TR Yes 0x75 QJYYZ -40°C to +85°C UDFN22-8
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