Preview Kinetic Technologies’ World’s Smallest 36-Channel RGB LED Driver at CES 2019

San Jose, Calif. – January 3, 2019 – Silicon Valley-based Kinetic Technologies will demonstrate its world’s smallest 36-channel RGB LED Driver at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas.

Colored LED lighting has become ubiquitous in our lives ranging from RGB indicators on AI speakers to arrays of LEDs covering entire buildings. Kinetic Technologies has developed an innovative 36-channel RGB LED driver, the KTD2061, that dramatically reduces the design complexity and lowers the solution cost.

Traditional RGB drivers have one output pin per channel. This often requires large PCB routing spaces as well as expensive high density interconnect circuit boards. The KTD2061 uses a multiplexing technique known as Charlieplexing to control 36 output channels using only 12 pins, thus significantly reducing PCB routing and enabling the use of inexpensive two-layer PCBs. The patented BrightExtendTM technology enables battery operation by decreasing dropout when the input voltage is too low for the forward voltage of the LEDs. The CoolExtendTM feature prevents excessive heat when the input voltage, current settings, or ambient temperature exceeds programmable thresholds.

In addition, the KTD2061 is the first in the industry to integrate a hardware fade engine per channel. This exponentially reduces the amount of software commands traditionally required to implement a lighting pattern. “The KTD2061 will free up a system’s MCU and the I2C bus, potentially even allowing customers to choose a lower-cost processor,” said David Nam, Vice President of Kinetic Technologies.

Visit the Kinetic Technologies CES meeting suite between January 8 and 10 to see a live demonstration of the KTD2061. Speak with the engineering team to learn about more details of this innovative product and the various application usages. Email to schedule a meeting today.

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