New LCD Power Solution from Kinetic Technologies Increases Performance and Reduces Overall Size by 32 Percent

KTZ8864: High Efficiency 4-channel LED Backlight Driver with Dual Output LCD Bias Power

San Jose, Calif. – July 29, 2019 – Power management leader, Kinetic Technologies, is expanding its Display Power portfolio with the introduction of KTZ8864, a high efficiency, 4- channel, step-up LED driver with dual output LCD bias power. Designed specifically for small to medium sized LCD panels, the KTZ8864 offers higher efficiency and more programmability than competitors’ discrete solutions—and in a smaller package that offers more than 32 percent savings in board space.

Senior Director of Mobile in the Kinetic Technologies Marketing group, Erik Ogren, says, “This is the latest addition to our extensive Display Power portfolio which continues our focus on highly integrated solutions with a reduced footprint and added value. The KTZ8864 combines the two main power functions required by the LCD panel, namely the multi-channel LED backlight driver and the LCD panel bias, all controlled from a single I2C compatible interface providing our customers with a high efficiency solution that has a multitude of flexible programable configuration options, all within a compact 1.72mm x 2.45mm package.”

The 4-channel LED backlight driver features a step-up converter with an integrated 35V low side power MOSFET, achieving a peak efficiency of 87 percent. The LED current in each channel can be programmed via the I2C compatible interface in 2047-steps (linear or exponential steps) or via the PWM-dimming input, which achieves high accuracy across a wide dimming range and can go down to an impressive 0.2 percent duty cycle at 20kHz. Super-wide dimming range allows programming down to 60µA with steps as low as 0.15µA. Auto-frequency mode automatically adjusts the converter switching frequency to maximize the efficiency for the programmed output current.

The LCD bias driver section uses a single inductor and can support up to 120mA from each of the outputs, with peak efficiency up to 85 percent. The positive and negative voltage outputs and turn-on sequence are configurable via the I2C compatible interface. Output voltages from +/- 4.0V to +/-6.3V can be programmed in 50mV steps, while the turn-on sequence can also be manually controlled.

Key applications for the new KTZ8864 include LCD bias and backlight LED drivers, which reach across smartphones, tablets, camcorders, digital cameras and more.

KTZ8864 is available and shipping now. Visit Kinetic Technologies for more information.

Product features include:

  • Pb-free Package: WLCSP-24 1.72×2.45mm
  • LED Backlight Driver
    • 4-Ch Current Sinks
      • Drives up to 8 series LEDs
      • Up to 30mA per channel
    • Backlight efficiency: up to 87 percent
    • Flexible dimming control
      • 2047-step(11 bits) I2C compatible control or
      • Programming down to 60µA with steps as low as 0.15µA
      • PWM dimming frequency 100Hz~100kHz, supporting 0.2 percent duty @ 20kHz
    • 3 bit programmable internal over voltage protection (default 21.0V)
  • LCD Bias Supplies
    • LCD bias efficiency: up to 85 percent
    • Wide dual output voltage range
      • Programmable +/-4.0V to +/-6.3V (50mV/step)
      • Output current up to 120mA
    • Programmable supply sequencing


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