Kinetic Technologies Launches Family of LED Backlight Drivers with Single Inductor Support for Integrated Panel Camera Flash

KTD3133, KTD3134, KTD3136 and KTD3137: New LED Backlight Driver and Flash Portfolio

San Jose, Calif. – August 30, 2018 – The demand for advanced LCD Panel lighting solutions that deliver increased capabilities in a small package continues to grow. That’s why power management leader Kinetic Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of KTD3133, KTD3134, KTD3136 and KTD3137 (KTD3133/4/6/7), the latest 2- and 3-channel solutions in its LED backlight driver IC portfolio.

KTD3133/4/6/7 provide LED backlighting for LCD displays up to seven inches. KTD3137 and KTD3134 include a high current mode that drives the panel LEDs brighter during front side camera, still and video capture. Both backlight and flash modes operate using a single inductor, which drastically reduces the PCB area and eliminates components. These highly integrated step-up DC-DC converters operate with an input voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V and accommodate 1-cell lithium ion batteries or 5V supply.

“We’re thrilled to offer leading edge architectures to our customers to improve their product functionality,” says Kinetic Technologies Vice President David Nam. “We’re committed to driving solutions that predict the needs of OEMs, and this new LED backlight and flash family of solutions helps manufacturers decrease PCB area, reduce component count and improve the user experience.”

Each of the current sinks in the KTD3133/4/6/7 can regulate up to 30mA in backlight mode and are equipped with I2C interface for various controls. KTD3134/7 can drive up to 60mA in panel flash mode. Built-in protection features include: cycle-by-cycle inductor current limit, output overvoltage, LED fault (open or short) and thermal shutdown.

KTD3133/4/6/7 are available in a RoHS compliant 12-ball 1.19mm x 1.64mm WLCSP. Key applications include smartphones and tablets.

KTD3133/4/6/7 is available and shipping now. Visit Kinetic Technologies for more information.

Product features include:

  • KTD3133/4/6/7
    • Wide input range: 2.7V~5.5V
    • I2C/PWM dual dimming control scheme
    • Programmable current sink turn on/off ramp time and shape
    • Selectable boost converter switching frequency
    • Programmable input PWM hysteresis to minimize jitter at low PWM duty cycle
    • Programmable OVP and current limit
    • Status reporting through I2C interface
  • KTD3133/4
    • 2-Ch current sinks, up to 8-LEDs per string
  • KTD3136/7
    • 3-Ch current sinks, up to 8-LEDs per string

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