Kinetic Technologies Announces Leading Wireless Charging and RGB LED Driver Solutions at CES 2020

KTE7000: 5 Watt Wireless Power Receiver for WPC/Qi BPP

KTD2052: 12-Channel RGB Driver with I2C Control

San Jose, Calif. – January 7, 2020 – Power management leader Kinetic Technologies is announcing two new power management IC products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: the KTE7000 5W Wireless Power Receiver and the KTD2052 12-Channel RGB LED Driver.  The KTE7000 is a 5W Wireless Power Receiver and is the company’s first in a new line of WPC/Qi compliant, Wireless Charging products. The KTD2052 packs a 12-Channel, I2C controlled RGB driver, in a tiny 8-pin UDFN package; over 2x smaller than competing products.

“The introduction of these two new ICs demonstrates Kinetic’s strategy of developing a comprehensive portfolio of leading power management products that our customers demand.” says Kin Shum, CEO of Kinetic Technologies. “While the proprietary KTD2052 RGB Driver builds upon the company’s industry leading position, the KTE7000 expands our product line portfolio, offering customers more options, and takes advantage of Kinetic’s robust fault protection IP.” Both products will be demonstrated at the show.

The KTE7000 is a single-chip 5W wireless power receiver that conforms to WPC/Qi v1.2.4 Baseline Power Profile (BPP) standards.  Fully compatible with all WPC/Qi certified transmitters, the KTE7000 will operate in BPP mode (Baseline Power Profile) when interoperating with either BPP transmitters or EPP (Extended Power Profile) transmitters. The KTE7000 integrates a full-synchronous rectifier with robust voltage surge protection and an LDO to efficiently convert the wireless AC power into 5V DC power at up to 1.5A. Higher power outputs are possible in proprietary modes.  An embedded microcontroller with ROM and programmable memory provides power management, protection, and communications with the power transmitter. The KTE7000 is available in a green compliant, 52-bump, 2.66mm x 3.90mm, WLCSP package.

The KTD2052 is a 12-Channel LED driver, ideal for driving up to 4 RGBs in AI Smart speakers, IoT, Gaming Controllers, or VR Headsets. Packaged in a tiny 2 x 2 mm UDFN, the KTD2052 uses multiplexing techniques, to reduce the number of PCB traces by a factor of 3, significantly reducing the solution size over competing solutions.  Programmed by a 1MHz, I2C serial interface, the KTD2052 has an integrated pattern/animation engine that controls 12 independent current sinks with, in NORMAL-mode, up to 24mA/LED in 125µA steps and in NIGHT-mode, up to 1.5mA/LED in 8µA steps. A 3-bit programmable fade-rate with ultra-smooth 8µA steps is also included. The KTD2052 also includes Kinetic’s patented BrightExtend™ and CoolExtend™ technologies preserving color balance and the ability to maintain light output at high operating temperatures. In case of LED failure (Shorts, Open, Dropout) additional protection and monitoring functions are included. The KTD2052 is available in a green compliant, 8-pin, 2.0mm x 2.0mm, UDFN package.

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