This product is End of Life (EOL) and is therefore not recommended for new designs. Existing customers should contact their local sales office for more information.

Kinetic Technologies recommends the MCDP5200 for all new designs.

Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) to HDMI Converter


The STDP2550 is a Mobility DisplayPort to HDMI converter that facilitates streaming FHD 60 Hz video and audio from MyDP enabled smart phones and tablets to TVs, monitors, and projectors. The STDP2550 is a VESA Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard compliant device, implementing a single lane DisplayPort receiver and AUX_HPD. The output port comprises an HDMI-1.4b compliant transmitter with CEC and HPD support. The MyDP standard is a digital audio-video interconnect based on the VESA DisplayPort standard for a mobile source device capable of streaming uncompressed audio and video. It uses the existing standard 5-pin connector commonly used for charging the portable mobile devices to stream the audio-video to the external display.

The STDP2550 uses Kinetic’s high quality DisplayPort receiver technology that supports a single AV stream at HBR2 speed, a data rate of 5.4 Gbps per lane. The HDMI transmitter in STDP2550 is high performance TMDS supporting link rate up to 2.97 Gbps and the stereo 3D formats. It can deliver 1080p 60 Hz video with a color depth of 24 bits per pixel and audio up to 8-channel at 192 Kb sample rate from a MyDP source to HDMI TV. This device complies with the HDCP 1.x content protection scheme with an embedded key option for secure transmission of premium digital AV content. It can also act as an HDCP repeater for the downstream sink when used in a dongle application.

The AUX_HPD is a single-ended sideband channel used for low-speed data exchange between the MyDP source and the downstream sink. The AUX_HPD data transfer rate is 1 Mbps, which is quite adequate for handling I2C and CEC protocols. MyDP source also uses the AUX_HPD channel for the DPCD read-write access.

The AUX-to-I2C translator in the STDP2550 allows MyDP source to access EDID from the connected sink. Similarly, the AUX-to-CEC translator handles CEC message transfer from the HDMI sink to the MyDP source over the AUX_HPD line. This device has an on-chip microcontroller with SPI and I2C host interfaces for system configuration purposes. The STDP2550 implements a sink detection and monitoring feature that automatically puts the device into low power operation whenever the sink is disconnected.


  • DisplayPort1.2a / MyDP1.2a receiver
  • HDMI1.4b transmitter
  • Protocol converter up to 2.97Gpbs/Ch
  • Max video resolution 4K2K 30Hz
  • Stereoscopic 3D forwarding
  • HDCP1.x repeater with embedded keys
  • ASSR- eDP display authentication
  • Spread spectrum on DisplayPort interface for EMI reduction
  • Deep color support- RGB/YCbCr up to 16bits per color
  • AUX to I2C bridge for EDID/MCCS pass through
  • Power consumption: Active 462mW; Standby 21mW
  • 81 BGA (5mm x 5mm) package
  • 0ºC to +70ºC operating temperature range


  • DisplayPort to HDMI bridge for TVs and projectors
  • Audio-video accessory (dongle) for Notebooks, Smart phones/Tablets

Typical Application Diagram