Kinetic’s power delivery controllers together with MST routers and/or SST converters provide customers with one stop support for both USB-C power delivery communications and DisplayPort protocol conversion over USB-C. The combination with Kinetics’ port protection, load switch and DC-DC converter provides the complete set of USB-C accessories.

High level features:

  • TCPC standard compliant device
    • Port controller to be capable for DRP
  • USB Type-C VCONN
    • Integrated VCONN switch and OCP
    • 1.5W support
  • VBUS monitor
    • 10-bit VBUS measurement interface
  • Active low Alert# as status change indicator
  • VBUS discharge control
  • VBUS load control
  • External FET control signal
  • VBUS voltage control
    • Variable resistance interface connected to feedback voltage of Buck regulators
  • USB Billboard device class support
    • USB 2.0 FS (Full-Speed) support
  • Flexibility to configure the bit field of billboard device class attributes
  • 24 pin QFN (4mm x 4mm)

PD Controller

Part Number Description
MCDP9000 Type-C Port Controller (TCPC)