Kinetic’s USB-C/DP/eDP converters transform audio-video signals from USB-C/DisplayPort to other standards such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, LVDS and digital RGB format and vice-versa. These bridge chips support deep color video and audio with best in class interoperability among commercial DisplayPort Graphics sources and displays. This flexible and complete USB-C/DisplayPort converter portfolio provides full connectivity choices to PC, NB, Monitor, Projector, TV, digital signage and other AV accessory applications with seamless integration.

High level features:

  • USB-C/DisplayPort and HDMI standard compliance
  • Support for various resolution, refresh rate, video format, audio channel and audio format
  • RGB and YUV video format with deep color support for up to 10/12/16 bpc
  • Color space conversion and HDR image processing
  • HDCP Transmitter, Receiver, Repeater with on-chip keys
  • Spread spectrum for EMI reduction

Single Port Converters Products

Part Number Description
MCDP2800 DisplayPort 1.2a-to-HDMI 2.0b LSPCON
MCDP2900 DisplayPort 1.4a-to-HDMI 2.0b Converter
MCDP5200 USB Type-C/DP1.4a Alt-mode-to-HDMI2.0b Converter with USB Timer
MCDP5240 USB Type-C/DP1.4a Alt-mode-to-DP++ Converter with USB Timer
MCDP5250 DP1.4a-to-HDMI2.0b Converter
MCDP5290 DP1.4a-to-DP++ Converter
STDP2550 Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) to HDMI Converter
STDP2600 HDMI 1.4b to DisplayPort Dual Mode Converter
STDP2650 DisplayPort 1.2a to HDMI 1.4b Converter
STDP2690 DisplayPort 1.2a to DisplayPort (Dual Mode) Converter
STDP3150 DisplayPort 1.2a to VGA Converter
STDP4020 DisplayPort Receiver to LVDS/LVTTL
STDP4028 DisplayPort Transmitter from LVDS / LVTTL