Kinetic’s Smart Connectivity products lead the industry with a variety of inventive and advanced features compliant with the latest DisplayPort, HDMI, USB and other interface standards. Our products power some of the most popular branded Smart mobile devices, Notebooks, TVs, Large format displays, and accessory products in the market reaching out to hundreds of millions of users.

Higher resolution, deeper color, faster response, enhanced signal quality, lower power, slimmer design and ease of use are the vital requirements for today’s product design. Kinetic offers a range of products based on high fidelity audio-video processing, best in class signal conditioning, enhanced security, and low power management technique in addressing both todays and tomorrows connectivity needs. If you are looking to design your products with the highest quality, reliability, longevity and efficiency, and trusted supplier, consider the industry’s number one Smart Converter products from Kinetic.

Product Line

  • Single Port Converters
  • Multiport Converters
  • Repeaters
  • USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller

Target Application

  • Smartphones/tablets
  • PCs/notebooks
  • OTT Boxes/Set-top-boxes
  • Monitors/TVs/Digital Signages
  • Gaming devices
  • USB-C/PC/Phone Docking stations
  • USB Type-C accessories
  • VR/AR headsets
  • POS system
  • Video conferencing system
  • LCD panel module
  • Printers
  • Active cables
  • Multi-monitor controller boxes/cards

Key Benefits

  • DisplayPort single stream conversion to/from other AV interfaces
  • DisplayPort multi stream routing / cloning
  • Reliable interoperability
  • Superior PHY performance and debug capability
  • Color space conversion
  • Deep color support
  • HDR support (HDR10 / DolbyVision / HDR10+)
  • Advanced audio format support
  • High definition contents protection
  • Secure boot / firmware update
  • USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) communication support

DisplayPort Converter Finder

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Single Port Converters

Kinetic’s DP/eDP converters transform audio-video signals from DisplayPort to other standards such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, LVDS and digital RGB format and vice-versa. These bridge chips support deep color video and audio with best in class interoperability among commercial DisplayPort Graphics sources and displays. This flexible and complete DisplayPort converter portfolio provides full connectivity choices to PC, NB, Monitor, Projector, TV, digital signage and other AV accessory applications with seamless integration.

High level features:

  • DisplayPort and HDMI standard compliance
  • Support for various resolution, refresh rate, video format, audio channel and audio format RGB and YUV video format with deep color support for up to 10/12/16 bpc
  • Color space conversion and HDR image processing
  • HDCP Transmitter, Receiver, Repeater with on-chip keys
  • Spread spectrum for EMI reduction

MultiPort Converters

Kinetic’s DisplayPort multi-stream transport (MST) routers split the DisplayPort MST signal in to two or more DisplayPort or HDMI streams. In addition, these devices can operate as a simple AV de-multiplexer or PHY layer repeater. In DisplayPort input-output configuration the MST routers handle video resolution up to 4K2K60Hz. These routers are targeted for daisy–chained monitor, digital signage, tiled-displays (video-wall), MST video hub, notebook, VR/AR headset and docking station applications.

High level features:

  • DisplayPort and HDMI standard compliance
  • Route up to 8 DP AV steams on a single cable for daisy chained display
  • Conversion of DP MST into multiple HDMI output (Left, Right)
  • Conversion of DP SST into multiple HDMI (Odd, Even)
  • Cloning of DP SST or HDMI video on two output ports
  • DP-to-DP or HDMI-to-HDMI PHY layer repeater
  • RGB and YUV video format with deep color support for up to 10/12/16 bpc
  • HDCP Repeater with on-chip keys


Kinetic’s retimers are used to extend PCB trace length and/or the cable length that carry the high frequency signals. These products support adaptive receiver equalization, very low jitter transmitter, programmable transmitter amplitude and emphasis and the receiver eye opening. With the best in class receiver equalization capability and transmitter performance, these products allow the user to design the system beyond standard specification limits. These retimers are used in PCs, monitors, active cables and other AV equipment.

USB Type-C Power Delivery Controllers

Kinetic’s power delivery controllers together with MST routers and/or SST converters provide customers with one stop support for both USB-C power delivery communications and DisplayPort protocol conversion over USB-C. The combination with Kinetic’s port protection, load switch and DC-DC converters can provide a complete solution for USB-C accessories.

DisplayPort over USB Type-C

The USB Type-C specification defines the support of “Alternate Modes” where several pins on the USB Type-C connector may be re-configured for transporting other A-V protocols. Thanks to the initiative from VESA, it has collaborated with USB-IF and published DisplayPort “Alt Mode” in the USB Type-C standard dated September 2014. The DP “Alt Mode” specification defines the simultaneous use of USB Enhanced SuperSpeed (data) and DisplayPort1.3 (A-V stream) over a Type-C connector for PC and mobile applications. Many new products released in the market today support the DP “Alt Mode” standard. For example, both MacBook, and the Chromebook Pixel all support DisplayPort as the A-V protocol for external display connection through the Type-C connector. DisplayPort is by far the most preferred and popular A-V interface used over the Type-C connector, as it is natively available with almost all CPU/GPU sources and is highly flexible when it comes to lane selection, and lane swap, as well as large bandwidth and low EMI compared to other A-V interface standards.

USB Type-C is a highly versatile interface, which is agnostic to plug orientation. This means that the Type-C cable is reversible and can be plugged in to the Type-C socket even when it is flipped. It has four high speed channels primarily assigned to transport USB data up to 10Gbps. The standard DisplayPort interface also has four high speed main lanes. As per DP “Alt Mode” on USB Type-C specification, all four lanes or two of the four DP lanes are mapped to the Type-C high speed channels to transport DP streams. The USB Type-C interface also supports up to 100W power over a single cable and is backward compatible with HDMI, DVI and VGA adapters, making it the most flexible single interface for Notebook, Tablet, SmartPhones, monitors and accessories such as dongles, docking stations and storage devices. The latest USB Type-C to HDMI2.0 adapters in the market also support full 4K UHD resolution.

The USB Type-C DisplayPort “Alt Mode” enables consumers to consolidate several different cables and connectors used in today’s office and mobile products to one single unified connector and cable that works across Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook products avoiding interoperability hassles when connecting to external displays.

display port over usb type c
Kinetic’s offer multiple DisplayPort converter ICs, MST branch devices and USB Type-C switch/retimers and is known for its highest quality, interoperability and reliability. These ICs are currently used in several Type-C to HDMI2.0, Type-C to VGA dongles and docking stations manufactured by some of the most prominent consumer brands.

USB Type-C Reference Designs

Kinetic has partnered with several alternate USB PD controller suppliers in developing a turn-key reference solution for USB Type-C dongles and docking stations. Please refer to the links below for more details:

Cypress CCG1 USB Type-C to HDMI/DVI/VGA Adapter Solution
Chromium USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter
TI Users Guide USB Type-C™ Mini Dock EVM