STDP4020 Reference Design 2 – DisplayPort to Quad LVDS

The STDP4020 is an integrated circuit featuring a four lane DisplayPort receiver, quad LVDS & LVTTL transmitter with I2S and SPDIF audio outputs for digital audio-video conversion application. This device also includes SPI interface, I2C Slave (Host Interface), I2C Master Interface, UART (GProbe) interface, and general-purpose IO pins. The RD2-4020 is a low cost compact four-layer board that includes necessary interfaces and features to fully demonstrate the STDP4020 receiver functionalities. This reference design meets the following:

  1. Stand-alone operation: Includes necessary firmware (either IROM or external SPI) to work independently; this means the intended functionalities are performed without depending on external (Host) controllers.
  2. Slave configuration: Provision to configure the device by an external Host controller through the Host Interface to I2C (most likely when no SPI Flash is used).

STDP4020 Reference Design 2