This product is End of Life (EOL) and is therefore not recommended for new designs. Existing customers should contact their local sales office for more information.

STDP4020 Reference Design 1 – DisplayPort to DVI

The STDP4020 is an integrated circuit featuring a four-lane DisplayPort receiver, quad LVDS & LVTTL transmitter with I²S and SPDIF audio outputs for digital audio-video conversion application. This device also includes SPI interface, I²C Slave (Host Interface), I²C Master Interface, UART (GProbe) interface, and general-purpose IO pins. The RD1-4020 is a low cost compact four-layer board that includes necessary interfaces and features to fully demonstrate the STDP4020 receiver functionalities. The RD1-4020 board includes discrete TMDS transmitter chips, converting LVTTL output from STDP4020 into DVI. This board is capable of handling both single link and dual link DVI output supporting video resolution from 640 x 480 up to 2560 x 1600. The RD1-4020 also features digital audio outputs SPIDIF and I²S up to 8-Ch.

STDP4020 Reference Design


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