Notebook personal computer products require a varied range of LED lighting solutions from LCD display LED backlight drivers to discrete LED and RGB LED indicator lamps. Kinetic Technologies lighting and display products support application requirements from low cost compact and full size to full featured laptop computing devices.

Buck and Boost Converter

Part Number Description
KTB8330 3A, 2.4MHz, Low-Voltage, I2C Programmable Buck Regulator
KTB8371 4.7V to 17V Input, 5A Synchronous Buck Regulator with I2C Interface
KTB8372 4.7V to 18V Input, 5A Synchronous Buck Regulators with AOT Control

EMI/ESD Suppression

Kinetic Technologies’ EMI/ESD Suppression solution is the industry’s first of a kind, integrating ESD and Common Mode EMI suppression IC to improve EMC performance in Ethernet applications. It is built around Kinetic Technologies’ patented and proprietary Active EMC suppression technology to enable a “Design for Compliance” approach to system design right from the start. This product helps eliminate EMC compliance challenges by providing consistent EMC performance and improvements utilizing silicon-based technology as opposed to passive technologies. EMI/ESD suppression by Kinetic Technologies enables system designers to comply with:

  • CISPR22 and FCC Part 15, Class B requirements for Radiated and Conducted Emissions
  • IEC 61000-4-3/6 requirements for Radiated and Conducted Immunity, Level 3 or higher
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge) of ±25kV
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge) of ±12kV
  • Cable Discharge Event (CDE) of ±12kV
Part Number Description
KTA1550 Dual-channel Active Choke for EMI Suppression w/ Integrated ESD Protection
KTA1552 Quad Channel Active EMI & ESD Suppressor for Ethernet Applications


Kinetic Technologies’ general-purpose input/output (GPIO) technology is low voltage and offers general purpose expanders designed for microcontrollers when additional I/Os are needed, ensuring additional interconnections are kept to a minimum.

As an input, the expander programs the polarity, latch, pull-up, pull-down and interrupt functions. For a system with noisy input, our GPIO technology also provides a seamless debounce function with programmable debounce time. Working as an output, this technology can program output stage with bank/pin selectable push-pull or open-drain options, and can also program four drive strengths of the output stage to optimize rise/fall times.

GPIO technology is the perfect fit for notebooks and desktop computers.

Part Number Description
KTS1620 Low Voltage 24-Bit I2C-bus I/O Expander
KTS1622 Low Voltage 16-Bit I2C-bus I/O Expander

LCD Backlight LED Drivers

Notebook computer display backlights require multiple white LEDs and consume the most significant portion of the device battery power budget. Multiple current sink drivers connect to long serial strings of WLEDs and therefore require a compliance voltage significantly higher than the battery voltage.

  • Panel size and resolution determine the number of white LEDs (WLED) required to produce the necessary screen brightness
  • Dimming techniques to control the brightness can range from simple linear LED brightness control to sophisticated high efficiency PWM control to achieve contrast ratios of typically 20,000:1
  • High accuracy current sinks to provide uniform backlight across larger panel sizes
  • High efficiency boost power conversion required to minimize demands on battery power consumption and maximize the battery life between charge cycles

Product Highlights:

  • Multiple series/parallel strings of WLED drivers to match the display panel needs
  • Multiple programming options from simple PWM signal control to full-featured I2C interfaces.
  • Advanced design, low drop-out current sinks with tight linearity characteristics to maintain constant LED current accuracy over all battery voltage extremes
  • High efficiency boost converters with integrated protection against LED open and short-circuit conditions
Part Number Description
KTD3156 6-Ch Step-Up LED Driver with PWM-Control Mixed-Mode Dimming
KTD3156B 6-Ch Step-Up LED Driver with PWM-Control Mixed-Mode Dimming, low duty dimming

Multiport Converters

Part Number Description
KTM5000 DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub (DSC)
KTM5010 DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub (DSC)
KTM5020 USB Type-C / DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub

Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs

Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs are used to isolate, manage and protect systems. The devices are used to turn power off and on to downstream system loads. Common purposes for using Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs include: protecting low voltage circuitry from abnormal power supply conditions, such as mains power surges or incorrect charger adapters, conserving energy when not required or safely turning on loads to prevent system voltage or current spikes.

Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs are used in notebooks and utilize low resistance switches that apply to a broad selection of notebook products.

Part Number Description
KTS1662 Adjustable Overvoltage Protection Switch
KTS1663 Load Switch with fixed and adjustable OVP
KTS1675 Overvoltage Protector with Bidirectional Blocking and Surge Protection
KTS1675A Overvoltage Protector with Bidirectional Blocking and Surge Protection
KTS1677A Low RON Load Switch with Overvoltage and Reverse Blocking Protection
KTS1690A USB VBUS ISOURCE Load Switch with Current Limit Control
KTS1693 110V Surge Protected OVP Load Switch with OCP
KTS1696A 7ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTS1697A 7ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTS1698 5ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTS1898 5ARMS 28V VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch

PoE PD Controllers

Part Number Description
KTA1140 IEEE 802.3bt-Compliant, Powered Device Interface Controller

RGB LED Drivers

Notebook computer products use multicolor RGB LEDs as function indicator lamps or for fashion lighting.

  • RGB LED drivers allow simplified programmable control of LED color and brightness

Product Highlights:

  • 3-channel RGB LED drivers permit custom color control
  • 4-channel RGBW devices allow for driving a white LED in addition to the RGB LED
  • I2C to ease integration with a wide variety of processors and operating systems
  • Wide range of ramp up/down timing for slow fade in/out effects and complex repeating patterns
  • Ultra-small package footprint
Part Number Description
KTD2026 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2027 4-Channel RGBW LED Driver with I2C Control
KTZ8807 3-Channel RGB LED Driver + 1-Channels Selfie Flash with I2C Control, AutoBlinQTM

USB Data Line Protection ICs

Part Number Description
KTU1000 USB Hi-Speed Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1001 USB D+/D- Hi-Speed or SBU1/2 Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1001A USB D+/D- Hi-Speed or SBU1/2 Switch with Fault Protection
KTU1101 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1108 USB Type-C Protector for CC Pins
KTU1120 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1121 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1121A USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1125 USB Type-C/PD Port Protector
KTU1128 USB Type-C 28V EPR Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
KTU1131 USB Type-C Port Protector for CC, SBU and D+/- Pins