LED Camera Flash Driver ICs generate and control the voltage and current to illuminate high brightness white LEDs used for photographic purposes. Used in mainly Smartphones, but can also be used in Digital Still Cameras (DSC) and Digital Video Cameras (DVC). Kinetic Technologies features a wide range of products suitable for cameras from 3mpixel to 24mpix and beyond. Single, dual or triple LED Flash drivers are available from 0.5A up to 1.5A per channel with integrated protection features, multi-function control all in a small sized package with the minimal external component count and size.


Camera LED Flash Drivers Products

Part Number Description
KTD2681 Flash LED Driver with Programmable 1.5A Current Source
KTD2682 2MHz, 2-Ch 1.5A+0.75A Flash LED Driver
KTD2683B 2MHz, 3-Ch 1.5A+0.75A+0.3A Flash LED Driver
KTD2684 2MHz, 2-Ch 1.5A+1.0A Flash LED Driver
KTD2686 2MHz, 3-Ch 1.5A+1.0A+0.5A Flash LED Driver
KTD2688 2MHz, 2-Ch 1.5A+1.5A Flash LED Driver
KTD2688A 2MHz, 2-Ch 1.5A+1.5A Flash LED Driver
KTD2692 2MHz, 1.5A Flash LED Driver
KTD2694 2MHz, 1.5A Flash LED Driver
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