Application Note Description PDF File
AN165 How to use KTX9302 & KTX9602 Motor Control with Power IntegrationsTM BridgeSwitchTM Download
AN162 Using PoE PD DC-DC Controllers in the Non-Isolated Buck Configuration Download
AN095 How to Design Kinetic Technologies KTA1550 for use with Voltage-Mode PHYs Download
AN096 EMI Suppression KTA1550, KTA1552 – FAQ Download
AN094 Meeting Ethernet Return Loss Requirements with the KTA1550 Download
AN093 KTA1550 Design Guide Download
Application Note Description PDF File
AN004 Design Guide for the AS1113 PoE Powered Devices Download
AN006 Using PoE PD with Local Power Supply Download
AN014 Designing an EMI Compliant 802.3af PD with the AS1113 and AS1114 Download
AN018 Thermal Characterization & QFN Layout Guide for the AS11xx Product Family Download
AN022 AS1138 Thermal Characterization Report Download
AN023 AS1138 Design Guide in Flyback Configuration Download
AN024 A Universal 13W-30W 802.3afat PD Reference Design using AS1138 Download
AN025 Designing for Wide-range Multi-input PoE PD Systems such as IP Cameras Download