MCDP5200 Reference Design 1 – USB Type-C DP Alt Mode to HDMI2.0 & USB Type-A

The MCDP5200 is an advanced USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4a to HDMI converter with an integrated USB type-C de-multiplexer, targeted primarily for Mobile Notebook accessory and display applications. This device functions as a DP to HDMI protocol converter with a HDCP1.x/ HDCP2.x repeater function.

The MCDP5200 has a USB Type C DP Alt mode Upstream Facing Port (UFP), supporting Billboard functionality. The four high speed lanes of UFP can receive DP1.4a MST audio-video and USB3.1 Gen2 data streams simultaneously. The input lane mapping is flexible and meets the USB Type-C connector flip orientation requirements. The incoming DP and USB signals are de-multiplexed, retimed, and transmitted on the Downstream Facing Ports (DFP). The MCDP5200 consists of a USB DFP port with USB3.1 TX and RX pair and an audio-video DFP port configured as DC coupled HDMI/DVI port, each with four high-speed lanes.

MCDP5200 Reference Design