USB Type-C/PD Port Protector


  • VBUS 1:2 MUX Switches
    • 100V Surge, 8kV/15kV ESD
    • Isink: 3V-23V, 5ADC
    • Isource: 2.5V-5.5V, 3ADC
    • OVP, OCP/CLP, SS, SCP, OTP, true RCP
    • Automatic Fast Role Swap
    • Active VBUS discharge with automatic dis-engage feature
  • CC & VCONN Switches
    • 25V Surge, 8kV/15kV ESD
    • CC1/2: 0-5.5V, OTP, Short-to-VBUS, 5.1kΩ dead battery
    • CC1/2 OVP = 5.8V
    • VCONN: 3-5.5V, 1.25ADC, CLP, SS, SCP, OTP
  • SBU 1:2 MUX Switches
    • 8kV/15kV ESD
    • SBU1/2: 0-3.6V, 6ΩTYP, OTP, Short-to-VBUS, reverse blocking
    • SBU1/2 OVP = 3.83V
  • I2C Serial Interface (VIH = 1.5V to VCC) + Logic Pins
  • 3V to 5.5V Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 39-bump WLCSP 2.76×4.49mm (0.5mm pitch)


  • Notebooks, Chromebooks, Ultra-Books, Tablets
  • Mini Desktop PCs, Docking Stations, Monitors

Typical Application Diagram