DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub


  • DisplayPort® (DP) ver.1.4a compliant receiver
  • Triple DP1.4a / HDMI2.0b (DP++) transmitters
  • HDMI 2.1 Features
  • Video processing
  • Max video resolution and color depth on DP output uncompressed
    • 5K3K60Hz, RGB/YCbCr444, 8 bpc
    • 8K4K60Hz, YCbCr420 up to 8 bpc
    • 4K2K120Hz, RGB/YCbCr444, 8 bpc
  • Max video resolution and color depth on HDMI TX
    • 4Kp60Hz, RGB/YCbCr444, 8 bpc
    • 4Kp60Hz, YCbCr420, up to 16 bpc
    • 4Kp30Hz, RGB/YCbCr444, up to 16 bpc
  • Audio processing
    • Audio stream forwarding from DP RX to HDMI TX
    • Conversion to I2S or TDM audio output (8 CH)
    • Conversion to SPDIF audio output (2CH)


  • Mobile PC docking stations
  • Dongles
  • MST video hubs
  • AR / VR devices
  • High end displays such as digital signage
  • Daisy-chain monitors

Key Electrical Specifications

Part Number Description Operating Temperature Package Advantages
KTM5000 DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub (DSC) 0°C to +70°C LFBGA1212-289 Single-chip, highly integrated, low-power and high-performance DP 1.4a MST HUB with three configurable DP 1.4a or HDMI 2.0b (DP++) outputs and integrated retimer. Supports DSC 1.2 (Display Stream Compression) and adaptive Sync

Functional Block Diagram