5W Optimized Wireless Power Receiver and Linear Charger


  • Fully standards compliant Qi/WPC wireless charging system
  • Optimized for small coil designs with low voltage starting and up to 5W output power
    • Programmable 3.2V to 5.2V LDO mode output
    • Programmable current limit
    • Robust fully internal overvoltage protection with precision clamping to 25V VRECT
    • Multifunction GPIO with 20uA current source
  • Complete and safe battery charging system
    • CC (±5%), CV (±0.5%), CTJ (±10°C) CC 30mA to 600mA, CV 3mA through 120mA
    • No current sense resistor; 4.35V, 4.20V
    • Dead battery, Prequal, Fast CC, Fast CV, Term, Top-Off, Done, Restart, disconnect on charged
    • Fault Detection, Charge Timer, JEITA NTC
    • Protections: UVLO, OVP, OCP, SCP, RCP, OTP
  • Internal QBAT “PowerPath” Battery Switch
    • Power on/off switch with factory-ship mode
  • I2C Serial Interface, Enable input, Interrupt output
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • QFN-24 package, TBD bare-die or CSP option


  • Earbud Cases, Mice, IoT Devices
  • Accessories, Peripherals, Gadgets, Toys
  • Other Battery-Powered Equipment
  • No-battery systems requiring wireless power

Key Electrical Specifications

 Vin (Min)   Vin(Max)   Package 
3.6V 10V QFN-24 5×5 (5 mm x 5 mm x 0.620 mm)

Typical Application Diagram