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GreenEdge™ HV Isolation 9-57VDC Single-Output Power SoC, I2C Compatible

  • Digitally Isolated Programmable Power

    • Digitally Isolated Programmable Power
    • Primary-Side DC-DC Controller
    • High-efficiency DC-DC Controller with Digital Optimization
    • Integrated Primary-Secondary High-voltage 2kV Digital Isolation
    • Programmable Primary Clock Frequency
    • Secondary-Side Sync Power Outputs
    • Synchronous Controller with programmable power-FET timing for high efficiency at both light and full load
    • High current capability
  • Programmable PWM Frequency

    • Power Management
    • Isolated ADC for primary-side sensor measurements
    • Primary GPIO controlled via Secondary GPIO or I2C
    • Output Voltage margining
    • Hardware-programmable soft start
    • Power-Good output
    • 5V µC-compatible with interrupt on alarm services
    • Programmable watchdog timer
  • EMC Compliance and Protection

    • Synchronous spread-spectrum clocking on all PWMs
    • Meets UL60950 and UL1577 requirements for basic isolation to 2kVDC/1.5kVRMS


  • Surveillance Cameras and Building Management Systems

  • Automotive Power and Infotainment Systems

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Telecom Backplane and Distributed Power Systems

  • Isolated Flyback and Forward Power Supplies

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Max Output Power Number of Output Rails High Voltage Regulation Package
9V 57V 20W 1 Integrated QFN-9x9-64L-0.9

Typical Application Diagram