Kinetic Technologies Releases Two Low-Resistance, Reverse-blocking, Slew-rate Controlled, Power Saving Load Switches

San Jose, Calif. November 5, 2016 – Kinetic Technologies, a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company focused on developing power management solutions for computing, consumer, industrial, and communications markets, today introduced the KTS1601 and KTS1605, reverse-blocking, slew-rate controlled load switches with extremely low on-resistance.  The KTS1601 and KTS1605 are ideal for use in single cell Lithium-ion battery-based equipment, including mobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets, wearables and other portable devices or any appliance operated from a fixed 3.3V or 5V supply, such as HDD or SSD.

The KTS1601 and KTS1605 are the first generation of slew-rate controlled load switches products from Kinetic, significantly improving the efficiency in battery powered electronics.  The KTS1601 and KTS1605 power saving load switches are inserted between the battery or supply voltage and a load, and only turned on when the load is required by the system, thereby minimizing the power drain. The KTS1601 and KTS1605 features a controlled soft-on slew rate of typical 2.7ms that limits the inrush current for designs with heavy capacitive loads and minimizes any resulting voltage droop at the power rails.

With an operating voltage range from 1.5V to 5.5V, the KTS1601 and KTS1605 features the lowest on-resistance, and quiescent current of any similar packaged device on the market today. At an input voltage of 3.3V, the KTS1601 and KTS1605 features 24m and 13.4m respectively, providing a low IN to OUT voltage drop, maximising the voltage to the load. Both products are reverse-blocking when OFF, ensuring there are no discharge paths from OUT to IN, should a load be powered from a dual supply. The KTS1601 can operate up to a continuous current of 2A and the KTS1605, 5A.

With more and more functions being added to portable products, the battery capacity is struggling to meet the consumers expected operating time,” said Phil Dewsbury, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kinetic Technologies. “With operating currents of these functions approaching their minimum, designers must look elsewhere to extend the battery life. The KTS1601 and KTS1605 load switches, provide an additional means to save power, by shutting down, un-used functions in a Smartphone or other portable product, without compromising the reliability or operating parameters of the system.”

The KTS1601 and KTS1605 also features an internal pull-down resistor on the enable pin to ensure the device remains off, should the input enable be allowed to float. The KTS1601 and KTS1605 also have an active pull-down option, that is connected between the output and ground, to discharge any residual load voltage at the output, when the switch is off.

Both devices include over-temperature protection, and ESD compliance at the input to IEC61000-4-2 level 4 of 8kV Contact Discharge and 15kV Air Discharge and are rated over the -40 degree C to +85 degree C temperature range. The KTS1601 is supplied in a WLCSP-4, 1.0 x 1.0mm, while the KTS1605 is supplied in a WLCSP-6, 1.0mm x 1.5mm, both RoHS and Green Compliant packages.

Key Features of KTS1601/1605

  • Operating Range: 1.5V~5.5V
    • KTS1601 Typically 24m @ 3.3V
    • KTS1605 Typically 13.4m @ 3.3V
  • Continuous DC current up to 2A KTS1601 & 5A KTS1601
  • Built-in slew rate controlled turn-on: 2.7ms
  • Low operating quiescent current typically 8_A
  • ESD Protection
    • Compliance to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4
  • Contact Discharge : 8kV
  • Air Discharge : 15kV
  • Output Auto Discharge when Disabled option (-1)
  • RoHS and Green Compliant, Pb-Free Packages:
    • KTS1601 – WLCSP-4, 1.0 x 1.0mm
    • KTS1605 WLCSP-6, 1.0mm x 1.5mm
  • -40C to +85C Temperature Range

About Kinetic Technologies:

Kinetic Technologies designs, develops and markets proprietary high-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors for consumer, computing, industrial and communication markets. The company۪s product offering consists of integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. The company develops application-specific products to take care of the power management needs in devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, netbooks, GPS and MID, as well as serving a wide range of industrial, computing and communication product segments. Kinetic Technologies, a Cayman Corporation, has R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Asia, with operations and logistics based in Asia. For more information, please visit

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