Kinetic Technologies Releases Triple Channel Camera Flash Driver IC, with Independent LED Control

San Jose, Calif. January 11, 2016 – Kinetic Technologies, a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company focused on developing power management solutions for computing, consumer, industrial, and communications markets, today introduced the KTD2683B a three channel, high current LED Flash driver IC, with independent channel control.  The KTD2683B is a one chip solution, aimed at Smartphones featuring a dual LED main Flash and a single torch LED, reducing the total component count, pcb area and cost.

The KTD2683B consists of a high switching frequency synchronous boost converter, two independently controlled current sources and one current sink in a small WLCSP package size. LED 1 and LED 2 are powered from the boost converter, supplying 1.5A and 0.75A respectively, and LED3 directly from the input, supplying 0.3A. The inductor-based boost converter integrates two low RDSON power MOSFETs, and operates at a switching frequency of 2MHz or can be programmed to 4MHz minimizing the size of the external inductor and capacitors.

The control interface is designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility with various types of system controls. The KTD2683B is mainly programmed and controlled via an I2C-compatible interface, but also includes three logic inputs that can provide a hardware flash enable (STROBE) and a hardware torch enable (TORCH), as well as a flash interrupt (TX), which can be used to reduce the flash current during power amplifier pulse event to lower the battery load current. The I2C control features include the independent on/off and current control of the two current sources (LED1/LED2) in Flash/Torch/IR modes, their on/off ramp timing and current shape control, three input low voltage protection modes, flash safety time-out protection, boost converter current limit and switching frequency options, and various fault events read back. For the current sink LED3, the I2C interface can control its current value in Torch/IR modes. In addition, the KTD2683B also has various protection features including LED open and short protections, thermal regulation to prevent IC temperature from going too high, and thermal shutdown protection.

“Most LED driver ICs normally only provide the capability of driving a single or dual, rear-facing LED flash,” said Phil Dewsbury, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kinetic Technologies. “With the increasing use of smartphones for video conferencing, or for taking selfies, the KTD2683B provides an extra LED driver to provide additional light to the front-facing camera, significantly enhancing the picture quality. Using the KTD2683B allows the designer to not only reduce the solution size, but also dispense with the need for another driver IC and the associated inductor and capacitors, significantly reducing the system cost.”

The KTD2683B is supplied in a WLCSP-12, 1.42 x 1.66mm, RoHS and Green Compliant package and is rated over the -40 degree C to +85 degree C temperature range.

Key Features of KTD2683B

  • High efficiency synchronous boost converter with 2MHz/4MHz switching frequency option
  • Two-channel independent current sources and one current sink
    • LED 1 Flash current up to 1.5A
    • LED 2 Flash current up to 0.75A
    • LED 3 Flash current up to 0.3A
  • Flexible I2C interface programming plus hardware control
    • STROBE/TORCH control
    • Flash/Torch/IR modes
    • Independent LED on/off and current settings
    • Programmable ramp shape and time control
    • I2C fault read back
  • Comprehensive protection
    • Three input low voltage protection modes
    • Flash time-out protection up to 400ms
    • LED open/short protection
  • LED1, 2 cathode ground connection for improved thermal dissipation

About Kinetic Technologies

Kinetic Technologies designs, develops and markets proprietary high-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors for consumer, computing, industrial and communication markets. The company۪s product offering consists of integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. The company develops application-specific products to take care of the power management needs in devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, netbooks, GPS and MID, as well as serving a wide range of industrial, computing and communication product segments. Kinetic Technologies, a Cayman Corporation, has R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Asia, with operations and logistics based in Asia. For more information, please visit

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