Kinetic Technologies Releases Over-Voltage Protected, Slew-rate controlled, Load Switches

San Jose, Calif. August 28, 2016 – Kinetic Technologies, a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company focused on developing power management solutions for computing, consumer, industrial, and communications markets, today introduced the KTS1670 and KTS1671, slew-rate controlled load switches with over-voltage protection to protect battery operated systems from malfunctions due to charger faults.  The KTS1670 and KTS1671 are ideal for use in single cell Lithium-ion battery-based equipment, including mobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets, wearables and other portable devices for charging currents up to 3A.

The KTS1670 and KTS1671 are the latest in a family of Power Interface products from Kinetic, targeted to significantly increase safety and reliability in battery powered electronics.  The KTS1670 and KTS1671 are inserted between the power supply or charger source and the load to be protected. The over-voltage protection (OVP) switch features an ultra-low 60mΩ (typical) on-resistance MOSFET and protects low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to +28VDC. If the input voltage exceeds the overvoltage threshold, the internal MOSFET reacts within typically 100ns and is turned off to prevent damage to any downstream components connected to the output of the device. An 18ms debounce time built into the device delays the internal MOSFET turn on time to avoid false turn on due to faulty connectors or line perturbations.

The overvoltage protection threshold can be externally programmed with an optional resistor divider to set a threshold between 4V and 20V. With the OVLO input pin tied to GND (or below the external OVLO select voltage), the KTS1670 and KTS1671 automatically selects the internal OVLO threshold. The internal overvoltage threshold of the KTS1670 is preset to 6.05V typical and the KTS1671 preset to 6.15V for use with standard 5V adapter chargers or USB charging ports.  The KTS1670 is specifically targeted for adjustable applications, where a tighter voltage tolerance is required.

The surge requirements for portable products, being used in India and SE Asia, have now increased to such a level, that integrating the surge protection with OVP is not commercially viable۝ said Phil Dewsbury, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kinetic Technologies. The KTS1670 and KTS1671 products, in conjunction with an external TVS diode, provide a low-cost input protection scheme, that can ensure that down-stream electronics are not damaged by either a high-voltage surge or an incorrect adapter charger being used۝.

The devices support a voltage input range of 2.5V to +28V, include over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and automatic recovery when the fault conditions are removed. Each of the devices are available in an extremely small 6-pin WLCSP package. The devices are rated over the -40 degree C to +85 degree C temperature range.

Key Features of KTS1670/1671

  • Operation up to +28V input
  • Enhanced ESD protection on VBUS compliant with IEC61000 4-2 (Level 4)
    • 8kV Contact Discharge
    • 15kV Air Dicharge
  • Fixed or adjustable Over-voltage protection
  • Low 60mΩ resistance
  • Small WLCSP6 package, 1.0mm x 1.2mm

About Kinetic Technologies

Kinetic Technologies designs, develops and markets proprietary high-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors for consumer, computing, industrial and communication markets. The company۪s product offering consists of integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. The company develops application-specific products to take care of the power management needs in devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, netbooks, GPS and MID, as well as serving a wide range of industrial, computing and communication product segments. Kinetic Technologies, a Cayman Corporation, has R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Asia, with operations and logistics based in Asia. For more information, please visit

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