Kinetic Technologies Launches High Efficiency Dual-Channel LED Driver Smartphones

Sunnyvale, Calif. February 20, 2015 – Kinetic Technologies, a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor company focused on developing power management solutions for computing, consumer, industrial, and communications markets, today introduced the KTD3122, Step-up Dual-Channel LED Driver for powering the backlight in Smartphones and other portable devices. Extensive programmability combined with an integrated 30V power diode provides advantages in power efficiency, RF noise control and PCB area.

The KTD3122 is a high efficiency step-up converter with dual-channel regulated current sinks.  An integrated 30V power diode with 30V switching Power MOSFET not only saves PCB area but achieves high efficiency power conversion.  The device can drive two-parallel strings of eight LEDs in series, which is targeted at mid- to high-end Smartphone LCD panels.

LED dimming is handled via PWM and I2C control inputs.  The KTD3122 attains an extremely wide range of PWM duty dimming, from 0.1% to 100% at 10kHz input frequency. I2C can program 256-steps of LED brightness, up to 30mA maximum per channel. Channel current matching and accuracy are 0.6% and 1.5%, respectively at 20mA. Programming features include several functions which optimize the tradeoff between efficiency and RF noise, which can speed up development time by fine tuning parameters after PCB layout is complete, avoiding subsequent PCB layout revisions.

“The continuous battle to improve efficiency, reduce PCB area and reduce RF noise is getting more difficult over time.  System design engineers pit each of these requirements against each other,” said Phil Dewsbury, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kinetic Technologies. “The combination of a high efficiency proprietary integrated power diode and extensive software programmable features to improve efficiency and noise control make the KTD3122 a product which excels in all of these areas.”

The KTD3122 can be programmed for automatic ramp-up and ramp-down, either linearly or logarithmically. Additional programmability includes settings for over-voltage threshold, switching frequency, current limit value and LED full scale current. The devices support a voltage input range of 2.7 to 5.5 V, include over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, LED open and short protection and automatic recovery when the fault conditions are removed. The device is available in a 12-ball 1.2mm x 1.65mm x 0.62mm WLCSP or 16-pin 3mm x 3mm x 0.75mm TQFN package. The devices are rated over the -40 degree C to +85 degree C temperature range.

Key Features of KTD3122

  • Drives 2p8s LEDs with up to 30mA
  • Integrated High Efficiency Power Diode
  • Wide Range PWM Dimming Input: 0.1% to 100% at 10kHz
  • I2C programming for 256-step dimming and extensive functional control
  • Protection features: LED short/open, over-temperature protection, cycle by cycle current limit

About Kinetic Technologies

Kinetic Technologies designs, develops and markets proprietary high-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors for consumer, computing, industrial and communication markets. The company۪s product offering consists of integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. The company develops application-specific products to take care of the power management needs in devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, netbooks, GPS and MID, as well as serving a wide range of industrial, computing and communication product segments. Kinetic Technologies, a Cayman Corporation, has R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Asia, with operations and logistics based in Asia. For more information, please visit

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